What I made in FreeCodeCamp 3.0: Code Hard with a Vengeance

Today, I started coding for Applied Accessibility in FreeCodeCamp. It seems to teach you about a lot of formatting for your website, using CSS and HTML combined. I learnt about main tags, alt tags for pictures, and header tags instead of div tags. It was a lot of fun to get done with another FreeCodeCamp chapter, I am really proud of myself!

Why are People so Afraid of Failure and Fixated on Success?

I believe that people hate failure and love success is because they want to appear successful to others, in hopes of becoming even more successful. For example, an employer hides its bad business to get new people to be hired, unknowingly for a bad company. Another reason is to impress others, flaunting on their victories but hiding their many losses. This causes people to look up to the flaunter, only to realize that the flaunter is a fraud. In short, people are afraid of failure because it can impede their success.

What I made in FreeCodeCamp 2.0

Today in FreeCodeCamp, I learnt a lot of Applied Visual design, learning how to change background colors so that they’re complementary, how to use an url for backgrounds, and making certain shapes. My favorite lesson was the one where I made the shapes using certain CSS rules and transform code lines. I also liked doing the background work, so that I can make better backgrounds for my own website, the one where you’re reading this post right now!