Fortnite Game Review

It was inevitable.

Anyways, Fortnite has many different game modes, but people only care about Battle Royale. It also has a Zombie Apocalypse-esque mode and a Creative mode. I will mainly be talking about the Battle Royale.

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Fortnite has types of Battle Royale Including:

Solo: It’s you against 99 other players.

Doubles: You are teamed up with a random player, against 49 other duos.

Squads: Similar to Doubles, but its teams of four instead.

You are dropped onto a map with varied terrain. Your goal is to defeat the opposition with different weapons, grenades, and healing items.

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Image from PC Magazine.

You are also equipped with a “pickaxe” which you can use to chop down trees and walls to gain supplies to build stuff with.

The last player standing gets a “#1 Victory Royale” message and gains exp to their “Battle Pass”, which can give them cool stuff.

Anyways, this wraps up the review. Bye.

Hollow Knight Game Review

Hollow Knight Was Released February 24, 2017, by Cherry Studios. It is an action-adventure game taking place in the ruined kingdom of Hallownest. The player (known simply as Knight) has to fight through enemies, platforming puzzles, and bosses.

Hunter's Journal
One of the Bosses, False Knight

Hollow Knight is a platforming game. It’s like Mario with swords. It’s similar to the game Shovel Knight, except in Shovel Knight you have a companion. The Hollow Knight is a loaner.

In my playthrough of this game, it was….. kinda hard. Some bosses have high damage attacks, big area of effect attacks.

Hollow Knight is $14.99 on Steam, and Team Cherry is coming out with a sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Have fun out there, and this concludes my review.

All images were gotten from the Hollow Knight Fandom, here.