2/24 Journal: Is it important for People to study History?

I think it is important for people to learn history so they can study things about people that might have been their ancestors or just history about their country, state, or province, or even the world. I like learning history in school because it teaches me about new things every single day I work on it.

Introduction to Data and Data Sets

Harmful Mobs in Minecraft each have an internally programmed Drop Rate Table that provides the probability that specific items will drop from defeated Mobs. In this Lesson we will use this game mechanic, and the fun element of defeating monsters to explore the concepts of Data and Data Sets.

  1. Read this Wikipedia page on Data Sets: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_set
  2. Read this lesson outline on Introduction to Data and Data Sets in Minecraft: https://education.minecraft.net/wp-content/uploads/DangerousDataSetsLessonPlanPDF.pdf
  3. Complete the lesson:
    1. Draw a table on paper with the creature type killed as the horizontal rows and columns for count encountered/killed and separate columns for each item dropped (rotten flesh, gunpowder, bows & arrows).
    2. Play Minecraft for 10 minutes in the Night Cycle in a Survival Infinite World Normal Difficulty.
    3. Then, plot your data by building in game Graphs, or explore various other ways to showcase the data collected. Students should be included in the process of discussing what common and unique ways data can be showcased. Perhaps one of the students can find a very unique way to showcase data using Minecraft.

Zombies Killed: 17

Skeletons Killed: 17

Creepers Killed: 10

Spiders Killed: 14

Zombies Dropped 21 Rotten Flesh.

Skeletons Dropped 18 Arrows, 14 Bones, and 3 Bows

Spiders Dropped 12 String, and 5 Spider Eyes

Creepers Dropped 5 Gunpowder.

Mob# KilledRotten FleshArrowsBonesBowsStringSpider EyesGunpowder

2/18: Could you go for a month without the Internet?

I do not think I would be able to go for a month without the internet. During quarantine, I have made many friends that I communicate with via Discord, an online chat application. I like my friends on the internet. Luckily, a lot of the games I play on my computer don’t use internet, so I could play those.

I also couldn’t watch YouTube videos, which I like to do in my free time. But I would probably not mind, since I could still play my offline games. I could also play games on my mobile gaming devices such as my 3DS or my iPad, but I prefer games that I play on the computer since they are easier to control and I can play my favorite game style, indie games, which are made by independent people or companies. That is why I would not want to go without internet.

2/16: A Story

Matthew Wilson ran through the fog of his hometown on his way to his school, Aurelion Academy. Being late for the bus by sleeping in was something he told himself not to do last night, but he did anyways. While on the way to school, he noticed a strange man walking a fair distance away from him. The man in question was wearing a large black hat, a navy blue suit, black jeans, and brown shoes.

Matthew ignored the man, needing to get to school on time so he wouldn’t be late, he started sprinting faster and faster, but when he entered the local park to use as a shortcut, something strange happened. He never seemed to get out of the park, never thinking it was this big, then he realized something. He was running by the same things over and over again, the same tree, the same trash can, and the same park bench.

2/11 Journal – My Animals

I have several animals in my house, and I love them all very much. I have two dogs named Eden and Nova. They are both brown. Eden is five years old and has been with us since before we moved to our new house. Nova is one year old and hasn’t been with us for very long, but we all love her. The dogs go out on a lot of walks with me and my mom.

I also have a cat named Simba. He is fifteen years old and we got him from our uncle who had moved to Canada to be with his family and couldn’t take care of him anymore. I love Simba because he likes to lay with me while I read books in bed. I think I am Simba’s favorite person.

2/9 Journal: You met a genie.

If you met a genie that could give you any talent in the world, what would you ask for—and why?

If I met a genie that could give me any talent in the world, the talent I would ask for is the ability to write better stories than I already do. It would be a good talent because not only its something I love to do, but writing better stories could become a very lucrative talent so I can become richer in life. It also helps since my family likes to read and I can please them with the better stories I write, which would be cool.

2/4 Journal – What I Like to Build in Minecraft

What I like to build in Minecraft is mainly houses and castles, because I like big projects that take a long time to make because I have a lot of free time now in Quarantine that allows time to build huge projects. I have recently started to convert a bastion remnant (which is basically a piece of a castle from a place long before) which I have only done the ground floor so far, by adding lava streams and a system that gives me lots of items.

Another thing I like to make is pixel arts of like Pokemon or things. Well, actually I want to make them. I plan to do a lot of sprites from like video games and stuff.

That is what I like to make in Minecraft.

2/8 Journal – Valentine’s Day My Theory

My theory on Valentine’s Day goes like this,

When Saint Valentine from Rome was imprisoned for making people married against the will of the king, he fell in love and he sent a card to his lover signed “Your Valentine”. When he died, they decided to mix together his death with the festival they already had around when he died (not a coincidence) where people were randomly married, so Valentine’s Day was born.

1/28: Journal on Decision Making

Recount a story about a time that you were proud of yourself for making a good decision when it was a really difficult decision to make.

A good tough decision I made was the decision to move out of my sister’s town in our Minecraft world. I liked her town because I was able to see my friends. But, I disliked the fact that my sister was trying to control how my build looked. I chose to leave the town and found a different place on the map to build my house.

My sister was unhappy when I moved by home. She blew up my old house, and then she killed the sheep I intended to breed at my new base. She tried to change my new build by linking it to her town, so it was still under the rules she put in place in the original location. When I didn’t want that, she got angry and demoted me from the server so I couldn’t do anything. Luckily, my friend was there and changed me back so I could do stuff.

Things like that happened for the next ten minutes, involving an offensive statue that she said I couldn’t destroy, eventually banning me and my friend from the server. So me and my friend logged into a world without my sister.

I was proud of that decision.