It was inevitable.

Anyways, Fortnite has many different game modes, but people only care about Battle Royale. It also has a Zombie Apocalypse-esque mode and a Creative mode. I will mainly be talking about the Battle Royale.

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Fortnite has types of Battle Royale Including:

Solo: It’s you against 99 other players.

Doubles: You are teamed up with a random player, against 49 other duos.

Squads: Similar to Doubles, but its teams of four instead.

You are dropped onto a map with varied terrain. Your goal is to defeat the opposition with different weapons, grenades, and healing items.

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Image from PC Magazine.

You are also equipped with a “pickaxe” which you can use to chop down trees and walls to gain supplies to build stuff with.

The last player standing gets a “#1 Victory Royale” message and gains exp to their “Battle Pass”, which can give them cool stuff.

Anyways, this wraps up the review. Bye.

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